Brooklyn Brothers

Our story:

Our country had gone through radical transformation and opened our doors to a global community. With that came travel to see new concepts, new designs and new culinary experiences. Exploration and research lead us into dimly lit diners and burger joints all over the world, with the objective of finding the best buffalo wings and burgers to bring back home.

Upon a crisp spring day in a park bench in the boroughs of Brooklyn, one of the brothers in our small family business looked up, inhaled sharply and said, “Boys, we’ve tasted enough to develop our own unique buffalo wings back home.”

And so started the legend of the Brooklyn Brothers.

Who we are:

Brooklyn Brothers is a modern American diner, specialising in buffalo style chicken wings, a range of great burgers, delicious shakes and craft beers.

With a raw urban store design, Brooklyn Brothers is a trendy place to meet, eat quality food, sip on the latest craft beers and selected wines, as well as take home the best tasting, value for money meals that a quick service restaurant has to offer.

What we offer:

Our wings are crispy fried and handspun, served in a variety of 20 different sauces, from Smokey BBQ to Peanut Butter and Jelly, we have them all, y’all!

And our burgers…they are simple, tasty things – a bit messy, but made with the best quality meat and only the classic adornments; some lettuce, tomato, our burger mayo, and maybe a slice of cheese or bacon on our specially crafted sweet bun. The ultimate comfort food and so satisfying in their simplicity.

Therein lies our philosophy – to give our people the best buffalo wings this side of Brooklyn, ribs grilled to perfection and real burgers the way they should be.

Our menu has been crafted with flavours to tantilise your taste buds, but as the saying goes, “There’s so much Brooklyn and so ‘lil time”, you will have to stop by and see for yourself.

What we stand for:

Brooklyn Brothers stands for something: We are a simplistic brand, with values. We care about quality, affordability and sustainability. We are an urban, trendy brand that is innovative, with attentive service and a dash of attitude. Our staff are passionate about the experience the serve and we provide the market with a fresh dining experience that suits the fast-paced modern lifestyle of the ever evolving customer.