Fournews Logistics

Fournews Logistics is about putting quality food on the table. This sets the tone for the Fournews franchise brand and is one of the brand’s most crucial ingredients in terms of maintaining the current positive perception amongst consumers. As a result, a great deal of emphasis is placed on continuous innovation and menu revisions, as well as ensuring that all Fournews brands not only set, but raise the benchmark for the rest of the category.
In order to achieve this, Fournews have established a central kitchen and created a company called Fournews Logistics. Fournews Logistics conceptualise and then test recipes. Everyday food items within the group are manufactured at this central facility and then carefully distributed. A key benefit to this kind of operational infrastructure is that it guarantees our guests a consistently high standard, regardless of where they may be enjoying our meals.

Since its inception Fournews Logistics has grown at a remarkable and rapid rate, not only servicing existing Fournews stores but also consulting and supplying to a large number of independent stores as well. Fournews Logistics central kitchen is located at the Fournews offices, where the manufacturing and developing of key products are undertaken. Items produced include various sauces, spices, prepared food products as well as nachos and tortillas.

Fournews Logistics operates under a staff compliment of 32 employees where everyone from the Kitchen Head to the Director are involved in pushing out new ideas and innovations which move the company forward to an even stronger position within the competitive market.