Our passion is to bring the highest quality ingredients to our customers and promise to put a smile on every face that walks through our doors. Our focus is to create a “World Class” South African brand with distinctive design, quality products and outstanding service.

At Smooch, it’s what’s inside that counts; real yoghurt, real milk, real flavour.

“Just Swirl it, Top it, Weight it and Pay it”

Our Concept:

The tastiest flavours made with the highest quality ingredients – Smooch contains real yoghurt from real milk, real fresh cut fruit, real topping choices and real customer service. Smooch is the real choice for frozen yoghurt fans.

Our philosophy is simply to create the best frozen yoghurt experience you have ever had. You create your own combination of delicious soft-serve frozen yoghurt, and then top it off with any topping you choose.

Our “creation station” is stocked fresh daily, with a large selection of the best ingredients from a light scrumptious treat to a swirling decadent dessert and everything in between.

It is always your choice: Choose your yoghurt flavours, add your favourite toppings, make it your way – and that’s how magic happens.