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Passionate People. Growing Great Brands.

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Growing Great Brands 

Established in 1995, Fournews has become the standard by which others are measured.

Our passion for innovating, managing and growing great brands is the reason why our loyal customers keep returning.

With 27 years of results-driven-success, we continue to challenge the status quo. 


Year of Establishment



Current Brands



Business Partners


Soul Souvlaki is uncomplicated and unforgettable, serving Greek street food made with quality ingredients out of local neighbourhood spaces.

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MOYO is the destination for a unique African dining experience.

Inspired by the traditions and values of our ancestors, MOYO is a celebration of, and commitment to, the beauty of Africa, and the industry of her people.

Authentic dining at it's finest.

News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premium award-winning cocktails in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant.

By combining the service and product attributes of a coffee bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and entertainment venue, News Cafe is a trendsetting and bench marking brand

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Senhor Peri Peri is the heart and soul of Portugal, inspired by the taste of Mozambique.


A place where food, has modern Portuguese flavours, and where anyone, who walks in is family.


A place of high spirits and a love for all things Peri Peri!

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