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Brooklyn Brothers is a modern American diner, specialising in buffalo style chicken wings, a range of great burgers, delicious shakes and craft beers.

With a raw urban store design, Brooklyn Brothers is a trendy place to meet, eat quality food, sip on the latest craft beers and selected wines, as well as take home the best tasting, value for money meals that a quick service restaurant has to offer.​


Our wings are crispy fried and handspun, served in a variety of different sauces, from Smokey BBQ to Peanut Butter and Jelly, we have them all, y’all!

And our burgers…they are simple, tasty things – a bit messy, but made with the best quality meat and only the classic adornments; some lettuce, tomato, our burger mayo, and maybe a slice of cheese or bacon on our specially crafted sweet bun. The ultimate comfort food and so satisfying in their simplicity.

Therein lies our philosophy – to give our people the best buffalo wings this side of Brooklyn, ribs grilled to perfection and real burgers the way they should be. Our menu has been crafted with flavours to tantalise your taste buds, but as the saying goes, “There’s so much Brooklyn and so ‘lil time”, you will have to stop by and see for yourself.

Brooklyn Brothers stands for something: We are a simplistic brand, with values. We care about quality, affordability and sustainability. We are an urban, trendy brand that is innovative, with attentive service and a dash of attitude. Our staff are passionate about the experience the serve and we provide the market with a fresh dining experience that suits the fast-paced modern lifestyle of the ever evolving customer.


Welcome to MOYO – the destination for a unique African dining experience. Inspired by the traditions and values of our ancestors, MOYO is a celebration of, and commitment to, the beauty of Africa, and the industry of her people.


Our famously warm hospitality and modern African ambiance make the MOYO experience an unforgettable one.

MOYO was born of a passion for all things African – from art and design to music, cuisine and crafts.

Today, live African music and a unique African dining experience are the benchmarks of the iconic restaurant.


Situated in the most iconic  Kirstenbosch, CT


News Cafe has consistently, over the last 20 years, positioned themselves as a brand that is constantly challenging, innovative and trend setting. We offer and facilitate a premium entertainment experience for our aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant.


This together with our décor that holistically supports and enhances the News Café experience, the brand’s personality is perfectly reflected.

By combining the service and product attributes of a coffee bar, cocktail bar, restaurant and entertainment venue in one, it’s no wonder we have won Cocktail Bar for the Year every year since 1999.

News Cafe is a trendsetting and benchmarking brand within the industry. The brand has become synonymous with innovative thinking and application within the food, beverage and social marketplace

From our store design and decór to our staff and management attitudes, we represent a culture of pioneering and progressive creativity.

With our footprint firmly placed all around South Africa and  within Africa, we are market leaders in entertainment venue offerings and our brand achieves this in offering our customers a complete social entertainment experience.


Senhor Jorge was a really rare find…his ideas fresh and unconventional. As a teen he made his first table Peri Peri sauce from the famous Bird’s Eye Chilli. Unbeknown to him then, this would be the start of one of his greatest achievements.

Each sauce was handmade, sugar-free and true to his Portuguese heritage. Some would go as far as saying, that his sauces embodied him as they were unique in flavour and distinct in taste. It took a few years, but finally, he developed a range of sauces that he knew, was the best!

Senhor Jorge’s love for food and travel lead to his exploration of the colourful and vibrant country of Mozambique. It is here that he fell in love with the culture, fresh cuisine and striking colours of this idyllic land.

It didn’t take long before Senhor Jorge wanted his own eatery, where he could experiment with his love for Portuguese food and Peri Peri. A place where food, had modern Portuguese flavours, everyday pleasures and where anyone, who walked in was family. It needed to be vibrant and family orientated, much like his own upbringing, with that sense of belonging and warmth.

And so was born, Senhor Peri Peri. A place of high spirits and a love for all things Peri Peri


Food so good, it’s like your Mama made it.

Soul Souvlaki conceptualised in 2012, was inspired by a trip to Greece and an appreciation for the exceptional quality of Greek Street food.

The brainchild of Dino Vlachos, whose belief is that all you need to make delicious food is a little imagination and quality ingredients prepared with care and love.


Proudly held by Fournews, Soul Souvlaki started as a simple stall at the Market on Main in Maboneng. It didn’t take long for people to fall in love with this Greek-inspired street food, and soon enough the cult following led to the opening of the unconventional container store in Maboneng. Today we boast a number of stores in the most unique locations.

Unapologetically imperfect, at Soul Souvlaki you will find recycled furniture at stores located in local neighbourhoods, parks or anywhere the imagination allows. Stores and menus are curated to cater to their immediate surroundings with as little as possible impact on the environment.

It is fresh, limited ingredients, cleverly combined to create a one-page menu offering that will have guests coming back for more every week. Served rolled in an artisan made pita bread or on a plate, the dishes are Greek inspired, however, utilises non-traditional Greek ingredients for a street food experience simple enough to appeal to any palate.

Menus at various locations will be personalised to incorporate items that will appeal to its local customer and include dish-of-the-day offerings. Beverages will include the basics, craft iced teas, Greek coffee and unique beers out of Africa and Greece.

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